About Sitemakin and Cloner

How It Began
After many years of using CMS' and blogs since their birth, I have always found the need to add a blog to a website at a later date. But, adding a full installation and templating it was undesirable. At that point, I had a mission to build the simplest add-on possible to an existing static website. I wanted the addon to be usable within minutes, not hours or days.
Faster Faster!
Faster is always better. After years using websites like Stackoverflow and Google's recommendations, I had become fascinated with with high performance coding. With countless thousands of speed tests, I always liked the concept of pleasing everybody; from a static website on shared host to a busy website with lots of viewers. I always liked to work on areas where I thought the other options were weaker.
High Performance Coding
Since the above factors are very important, it leads to developing a tool that can be used on all devices...including the $35-$50 Raspberry Pi micro computer.

As big companies offer low hosting prices, having a tool that worked fast with the Raspberry Pi meant that the 'NOW' generation even had the option to host at home for free using our tool. We tried the popular CMS' out there and they tend to fail to deliver good performance on the Raspberry Pi.

Use On Any Device

Create stunning websites using today’s best themes. All pages will look ideal on all devices; laptop, desktop, ipad, Android and Iphone.

Save Time & Money

Sitemakin and cloner will save you countless hours building websites. Taking over existsing website? Just clone it with the clone tool.

Fast Loading / SEO

Build custom webpages with text, images and video that will be delivered at lightning speed. Works well with stylish templates.